Patient Satisfaction

How do we Measure Patient Satisfaction?

Vein Clinics of America (VCA) measures all aspects of patient experience, including interactions with staff, treatment satisfaction, and a patient’s “Likelihood to Recommend” our clinics. To ensure that we are holding ourselves to the highest standards, we’ve partnered with the marketing and research group, xAmplifier. Since 2003, xAmplifier has been implementing data­driven solutions to help medical service providers understand and improve the journey of their patients via in­depth analysis of customer satisfaction metrics, identification of key behavior drivers, delivery of actionable touchpoint alerts, and much more.

Our patient satisfaction score is updated instantaneously as each completed survey enters the system and new testimonials are added on a rolling basis.

Who Receives the Survey?

Surveys are emailed to VCA patients within 24 hours of their initial consultation, 24 hours of their initial treatment, and six months after beginning treatment. Patients answer different questions specific to their current stage of treatment and provide comments regarding all aspects of care including their experience with VCA doctors, nurses, and other staff members. We use this feedback to improve the clinic experience, with an overall goal of providing each patient the best quality of care.

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