What to Expect

Your Initial Appointment

VCA leg map Your first appointment at Vein Clinics of America will be a consultation with one of our doctors who will examine your condition, and discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan with you. If you have any questions, our physician will be happy to take the time to answer them. At the end of your consultation, the office manager will sit down with you to discuss your insurance benefits.

You can expect to be in the office for about an hour during this appointment. Be sure to bring your insurance card with you, as we will bill this appointment to your insurance company. Also, remember to download your patient forms and bring them with you.

Your Venous Mapping

What To Expect - Doppler If you are diagnosed with large vein disease during your consultation, your next appointment is called a “venous mapping.” During this appointment, you will meet with one of our ultrasonographers, who will use ultrasound to “map” out the veins in your legs. We use this ultrasound to prepare a comprehensive venous flow map, which illustrates the path of the blood flowing through the abnormal veins and where the trouble begins, giving us a detailed view of your varicose vein system.

Patients are often surprised to see how extensive and complicated their varicose veins are beneath the skin. The venous map depicts details not visible from the surface – details that make treatment safer and more effective.

Treating Your Condition

Your veins will then be treated by either endovenous laser treatment (ELT, or sometimes referred to as EVLT), sclerotherapy or a combination of the two. During your consultation, your physician will develop a customized treatment plan for you and discuss the estimated number of treatments you will need on each leg.

Follow-up Appointments

While it is highly unlikely that the veins we treat will come back, other veins in your legs may become abnormal over time. Our follow-up program is designed to identify and treat potential problems before they have the opportunity to re-establish varicose veins. This program is based on your individual condition and is designed to ensure successful, long-term results.