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Why Establishing Routines is a Key to Good Health

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Though routines certainly aren’t glamorous and don’t exactly fit into the hip concept of living free and “going with the flow,” you may find yourself healthier and happier by keeping a routine. In addition to improving your health, routines majorly boost your motivation and your productivity. By starting your morning off on the right foot, you are opening up your entire day to be one of happiness and success.

Though not all morning routines are the same and everyone has their own wants and needs to set themselves up for a great day, there are some tried-and-true things that you can consider incorporating into your morning routine. Today we are going to share with you why a morning routine is your key to good health, and how you can go about setting up your own.

Why Creating a Morning Routine Will Boost Your Health

You will be more intentional

Think about the days that you are running late — the ones you spend running around frantically, making sure you’ve got everything you need before sprinting out the door. Those days feel as far from relaxing as possible, don’t they? Those types of days also take your body much longer to calm down, get focused, and get on track with the tasks on your to-do list.

Rather than run around like a chicken with your head cut off, a routine will help you calmly set up your day. This way, you will consciously be aware of what lies ahead of you, and how you are going to tackle what comes your way. By starting your day in a mindful state, you are much more likely to remain mindful throughout the rest of the day, and make good decisions as opposed to frazzled, stressed, and rushed ones.

You will be better able to focus

When you know what your morning is going to look like, you’ll be less surprised with unknowns and be able to focus. The ability to focus is what will keep you from getting distracted, and allow you to complete what you need to do for the day. Distractions will only start your day off in an unbalanced way. Once you’re in that unbalanced mindset, it will take much longer for you to find balance once again.

You will be more in tune with yourself

Back to those crazy mornings where you’re running late and barely able to brew up a cup of coffee before slamming the door right behind you…those days do not allow you the time or energy to step back and think about how you are feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically. If you do not have time to connect with those parts of yourself on a daily basis, you are setting yourself up for some serious health problems.

A routine allows you to incorporate the time to check in on yourself and see how you are feeling so that if anything is off, you know about it from the beginning, rather than waiting until it’s maybe too late.

You will have more momentum to reach your goals

When you don’t have to waste all your energy scrambling through your morning, you can set up a solid momentum that will continue throughout the entire day. And the great thing about momentum is that once it gets going, it’s harder to actually break the momentum than it is to keep going. So, when you start off your day with that momentum, you will be reaping the benefits of it for the rest of the day.

Your willpower is at its strongest in the morning

According to psychologist Roy F. Baumeister, in his book Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, a person’s willpower is at its peak in the morning. Why is this? Because in the morning, we haven’t had to expend our energy on a mess of problems and choices yet. Thus, if you want to incorporate more wellness into your life, then the morning is the best time to do this. Whether that is exercise, meditation, or journaling, you’re more likely to actually follow through with it if it’s part of your morning routine.

You’ll be able to do what you want more often

Taking time for yourself is never something you should feel guilty about. In fact, spending time on yourself is one of the best ways to ensure you stay healthy. And, with as busy and hectic as the modern day world is, it sometimes feels difficult to find the time for yourself. Well, the morning is a perfect time to do so.

Before you come up with reasons not to do something or commit to other things throughout the day, start your morning off with some self-care or self-love, whatever that means to you. It could be a walk around the neighborhood. It could be a nice long bath. It could be reading your book with a cup of coffee. Whatever self-love is in your world, make it happen in the morning so that you’re sure it ends up happening.

More Helpful Routines for Good Health

Now that you know all the benefits of a morning routine, it’s time to set one up for yourself. Though everyone’s morning routines will vary depending on your needs and what’s important to you, there are a few things that are somewhat similar and important to the success of your morning routine. Here they are:

Set up a morning eating routine.

The way you eat is also important to your morning routine. The first thing you want to do when you wake up is to have a glass of water. You can also add some lemon in there to get some fabulous detoxifying benefits. When it comes time for breakfast, make sure you’re getting something that has protein in it. This will help you feel satiated, and will also give you the nutrients you need to get through the day.

Start with a bedtime routine.

It’s hard to start your morning off on a good note when you had a terrible night of sleep. In order to avoid this happening, there are a few things you can do:

  • Go to bed at about the same time every night
  • Wake up about the same time every day
  • Don’t use any electronics 30 minutes before bed
  • Read a book or journal at night to calm your mind down
  • Use a white noise app to listen to sounds as you sleep
  • Upon waking up, set an intention for the day

Create an exercise routine.

Because exercise is integral to both physical and mental health, you’ll want to incorporate this into your morning routine as well. You don’t need to sweat it out at the gym for 2 hours every day to get the benefits, though. Start off by walking for just 20 minutes a day, at least three days a week. You can build your exercise up from there, and slowly start to incorporate some classes and maybe some gym time. You will notice a huge increase in your energy, as well as your mood.

Whatever your morning routine looks like, it is your time and should be just what you need in order to feel more balanced, happy, and healthy. It may feel strange at first, but in a short amount of time, you’ll find yourself loving this routine, and wondering how you ever lived without it.

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