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Healthy Habits: 5 Ways to Stay Active While Traveling

Last updated: March 15, 2019
Collage of people sleeping, exercising, doing yoga, and more while traveling

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Is one of your goals for 2017 to stick to a workout routine? If so, you’re not alone! Over 25 percent of those making New Year’s resolutions have fitness or health-related goals. [1] While it may seem simple in nature, the act of changing your lifestyle to incorporate long-term healthy habits can be challenging, especially when “life” seems to get in the way. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, traveling is often a life scenario that can disrupt an exercise regimen.

This year, make your health a priority and focus on how traveling can play into your exercise goals. For example, plan ahead and research the area you’re visiting to take advantage of local offerings. We’ve gathered some quick tips that can help you maintain those long-term health goals while you’re away from home:

Sleep. Make a conscious effort to get the same amount of sleep on your trip as you usually do at home. Not only will you be able to better deal with stress and stick to healthy habits, but you will also have more energy to do activities and help your immune system stay strong. [2],[3]

Find a class. Before you board the plane, find a workout studio, class or fad that is popular to the area. In Miami? Try a Salsa or Zumba class. Going to Colorado? Sign up for an outdoor sunrise yoga class. By scheduling a class in advance, you’ll have a workout to look forward to and aren’t as tempted to skip. What’s more, you immerse yourself in the culture and trends of the city.

Simplify. A simpler workout is a good replacement for the gym or workout class you usually attend at home. If you have room in your suitcase, pack light equipment like resistance bands or a jump rope that can be used in smaller spaces or search online and try a fast, no equipment workout.

See the sights. Skip the cab and make the journey just as important as the destination. While relaxing is an important part of traveling, consider exploring the city and area you’re visiting. This is a good opportunity to walk or bike while making the most of your time in a new place.

Go outside. Plan a fun outdoor activity that gets your heart rate going and is also specific to the area you’re visiting. For example, try skiing if you’re in the mountains or paddle-boarding if you’re by the ocean.

It can be difficult to figure out how to combine traveling with your health goals. Remember that staying active and healthy can be a priority no matter the location. By planning ahead, staying positive and making small adjustments to your travel plans, you can successfully continue your health journey both at home and abroad.

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