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New Year’s Resolutions: Start Small for Success

December 26, 2016

As we reach the end of December, chances are that you’ve made a New Year’s resolution in the past or are even planning one for 2017. This common tradition is the perfect excuse for the fresh start many people are often searching for throughout the year. Motivation to make positive lifestyle changes is in full-swing come January, and quite frankly is much easier when many others have similar goals and mindsets.

Staying on track with the resolutions you make at the start of the year can be tough, and it’s not uncommon for them to fall by the way-side once other important events start happening. However just because life can get in the way sometimes, doesn’t mean you should give up on your resolutions for good! There are easy ways to make changes that don’t require a full revolution of your daily routine.

We understand that going full-force into a complete lifestyle change can be overwhelming, so we have compiled some realistic New Year’s resolutions that will be easy to incorporate into your everyday life. The idea of starting small will allow you to eventually work your way to the healthy lifestyle you aspire to! It’s not all about making big changes at once, it’s just about getting started:

 Healthy Eating

Unhealthy eating habits aren’t going to change overnight, but incorporating smaller changes into your diet can help lead to healthier choices in the future. When making your favorite recipes, try swapping unhealthier ingredients with healthier options. For example, using shredded cauliflower instead of rice or spiraled zucchini instead of pasta are healthy alternatives that can also taste delicious! You can also make a resolution to drink more glasses of water every day or swap one unhealthy food item for one healthy option at the grocery store each week.

Physical Health

Joining a gym may not be ideal for your lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your heart rate going in different ways. If you’re in a crunch for time, set your alarm five minutes earlier in the morning and do a fitness challenge, like increasing your plank time every day or the number of squats you do. If you find that you’re sitting for long periods, find different opportunities to take a walk, like parking further away in a parking lot or taking the stairs rather than the elevator.

In another sense of the word, it’s also a great time of year to listen to your body and schedule any preventive check-ups you’ve been putting off. The right health exams, screenings, and treatments can make all the difference for living a longer or healthier life.[1] For specialized treatments, do some research and see where you may be able to go for a consultation. With the importance of treating venous disease, Vein Clinics of America offers a free consultation* for new patients.

Mental Health

People may not think of their mental health when trying to set goals and make resolutions, but having a healthy mind can assist you in achieving other lifestyle changes.[2] Try learning one or two calming yoga poses for times you’re feeling overwhelmed or take a few minutes to meditate, which can bring a sense of calmness and clarity during stressful times.[3] If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, find and sign up for an email or newsletter with happy stories and motivations.

The New Year is just days away, but don’t feel discouraged with the prospect of finding and fulfilling the best resolution. Incorporate small changes into your everyday schedule and find tips and tricks that work best for you!

*Due to legal constraints, this free consultation cannot be extended to Medicare or Medicaid beneficiaries, or other recipients of federal or state health care benefit programs. Offer expires December 31, 2016 and must occur on or before December 31, 2016. New patients only. One free consultation per person

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