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Quarantine Is Over. Now What?

Quarantined families

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For many people, the last 60 days have been the toughest days of their lives. Jobs lost, income lost — entire lives turned upside-down. Quarantine forced everyone to change major parts of their lives, for better or for worse.

Parents became homeschool teachers, some while still working full-time with the added challenge of doing so at home, and cooking 3 meals a day. Some people found themselves able to focus and excel in work due to the lack of outside distractions.

However quarantine affected your patient, it did, and with things slowly returning to normal, a new challenge presents itself: how do we return to “normal” — if there is even such a thing as “normal?”

In short, its likely things won’t ever go back to the way they were pre-quarantine, and that’s not all bad. A lot of lessons have been learned from this pandemic that we can take with us to improve life post-quarantine.

It’s hard to tell exactly what things will look like as more places open, but here is what we imagine some aspects of life to look like with the ending of quarantine.

Dining Out

Thanks to the concept of take-out and delivery, dining out has still been an option during quarantine, but has looked much different than typical experience.

Things will slowly start to open again, and we will likely see limited capacities for diners to come and enjoy a meal away from home (finally!). Tables will be more than six feet apart to allow for safe space around each group, and sanitation within the restaurants will be heightened to ensure everything is handled in the safest way possible.


Travel will be limited for some time, but we can expect airports, as a result, to be a lot less hectic which may actually make travel more enjoyable.

Chances are good masks and gloves will be the travel norm for months after quarantine, and for some people, the norm for the rest of their lives.


Your patients likely been affected by the inability to see a doctor in the same way they did in the past with COVID-19. And to ensure the hurdles don’t stop people in their tracks like what happened this time around, doctor visits and other health-related necessities will look very different in the future.

Telehealth services will see a major rise, as some people may be hesitant about leaving their home to visit a clinic. At Vein Clinics of America we have begun offering teleconsults to accommodate those who cannot or do not want to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. We imagine this will become the norm for all involved in the health industry.

While all doctor visits cannot be done over the phone or a computer, the ability to do initial consultations virtually can help to minimize the number of times a patient needs to leave their home to get information about their health concerns.

There are some other great benefits of teleconsults that include:

● Lower healthcare costs for patients
● More comfort
● Added privacy
● Flexibility for patients and doctors
● Lower travel expenses to get to/from the doctor
● Greater access to care
● Less time away from work, family, etc.

The initial teleconsult may be enough to fix a patients issues, or their doctor may require them to come in to the office for further information, but making that first visit from the comfort of their home is going to make a world of difference in their life, and the entire medical community.

Major gatherings including amusement parks, concerts, sports events, etc.

Any event that brings together as many people as a major sports event will not be happening any time soon, if ever.

While we don’t know exactly what these events will look like, we know going to Disney World in a post-quarantine world will be forever changed. Expect smaller capacities and greater precautions to ensure the health and safety of attendees.


There is no denying that there is fear in the world that didn’t exist before COVID-19. Now people will think twice about going to the grocery store every day. People will think twice about going to parties. So many aspects of your patient’s lives will forever be affected due to the fear that something like this could happen again. And that is a legitimate concern. As there was no way to predict COVID-19, there is no way to predict something similar sweeping the world in the future. What we have learned from COVID-19 is how to handle these situations and prepare us to go into potential future problems with much more information and understanding.

Chances are good fear won’t be as high as it has been during these times. This is especially true as more information about the virus comes out, and your patients are able to gain more knowledge about it.


Quarantine has not been easy for anyone, even if your patients feel that they’ve been thriving during this time. The extreme limit of socialization and physical contact with people for an extended period of time does not bode well for anyone. So expect a lot of happiness once quarantine is lifted that people can again be together (but safely).

What patients can control post-COVID

Your patients can expect many changes to occur when quarantine is lifted where they live, but not all of the changes are bad. They should aim to take out of this experience some new knowledge and perspective that they can take with them to make COVID-19 as positive as possible (because let’s be honest — it’s hard to find a silver lining in this virus).

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