Breaking Study: The Link Between Varicose Veins and Blood Clots

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A new study is shedding light on the link between varicose veins and increased risks of developing potentially deadly blood clots. In addition, the study looked at the risk of increased DVT (deep venous thrombosis), PAD (peripheral artery disease), and PE (pulmonary embolism) for those with varicose vein issues.

What’s included in the vein study?

  • The study, which was published by the journal JAMA, took a look at over 425,000 adults in Taiwan who had the diagnosis and presence of varicose veins from 2001-2013.
  • Interestingly, patients who participated in this study were excluded if they already had a medical history of PAD, DVT, or PE in order to better isolate the presence of varicose veins and the potential of developing blood clots as a result.
  • The most profound conclusion coming from this study found that “among adults diagnosed with varicose veins, there was a significantly increased risk of incident DVT.”

The author of the study, Dr. Shyueluen Chang, notes that while more research needs to be conducted to determine whether varicose veins actually contribute to blood clots or whether these two conditions simply share the same cause it’s important to see that “varicose veins are not merely a cosmetic or symptomatic concern” and, “patients with varicose veins deserve careful monitoring and early evaluation.”

A final quote from Dr. Chang sheds even more light on this subject in that, “not much is known about varicose veins and the risk for these other diseases. Elucidating potential associations between varicose veins and health-threatening diseases is important.”

To read the full version of this study head on over to read the JAMA study in its entirety. To assess whether you might have a varicose vein or vein disease issue, contact Vein Clinics of America today for a consultation with one of our vein specialists.

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