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Tips for Staying Active and Healthy Throughout the Work Day

August 19, 2016

With much of the country working at a desk all day, it is easy to develop habits that are detrimental to your overall health. Aside from back pain and eye strain, desk dwellers are at risk for other health issues, including the development of varicose veins. In an effort to be more health conscious, here are 6 tips to help you stay active throughout the day and actively prevent varicose veins:

  1. Take the stairs: While it can be easy at the end of the work day to opt for the elevator, switching to the stairs can help you reach the recommended goal of 10,000 steps per day.
  1. Go outside for lunch: As easy as it is to have food delivered or eat lunch at your desk, stepping outside for even part of your lunch has lasting health benefits. Make a date with your brown bag lunch and get out for some much needed vitamin D and fresh air to keep you energized.
  1. Walk it out: Instead of shooting a co-worker an email or giving them a call, walk over to their desk to ask a question. This allows you to get some movement throughout the day and keep the blood flowing throughout your legs.
  1. Raise them up: Find something to prop your legs up throughout the day to elevate your feet and increase blood flow.
  1. Stretch it out: Taking a few moments out of your day to stretch can help increase energy levels and prevent back and neck strain. Try simple moves that you can do at your desk like these from Purewow.
  1. Ring the alarm: Kill two birds with one stone by setting an hourly alarm on your phone or fitness tracker to drink water. Whenever it goes off, you know it’s time to get up and refill your water bottle. Not only are you ensuring you move every hour, but you are also increasing your water consumption throughout the day. Talk about multitasking!


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