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Turning Over a New Leaf – Functional Fall Footwear

September 9, 2016

Chilly weather is quickly approaching and with it we see the emerging fall footwear trends. The changing seasons bring new challenges for finding comfortable, yet stylish footwear, and it may take a few pairs to find the right fit. It should come as no surprise that 5-inch stilettos can have major detrimental effects on your health, including putting strain on your back and knees, fostering painful bunions, and placing undo pressure on your veins. While we know it’s best to be practical with shoe choices, that decision doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to the latest trends.

Here are some fashion-forward footwear options that also provide support, leaving you pain-free1:


1.Metallic Oxford 2.Oxford Outfit 3.Black Oxford

Lace-up Oxford:  The Oxford is a classic shoe that seems to find a major resurgence every few years. The great thing about Oxfords is they provide ample support and are great for those with wider feet. What’s more, they allow you to show your personal style and can be paired with just about anything – they’re also appropriate for most office settings. Bonus!


1.Maroon Bootie 2.Bootie Outfit 3.Grey Booties

Flat Bootie: A flat bootie is a great way to tie in fall trends like berry tones and velvet while keeping your feet and body feeling good. An added benefit is that many booties are made with malleable leather, which helps with breathability, and rubber soles that can absorb shock.


1.Grey Sneaker 2.Sneaker Outfit 3.Black Sneaker

Slip-on Sneaker: It’s no surprise that we are partial to the athleisure trend. Not only does it allow for great support but encourages activity throughout the day. There are also options in more polished fabrics like leather and suede to make them office appropriate. We recommend investing in a pair even if they become your commuter shoe – they may encourage you get those steps in throughout the day.

While it’s fun to think fashion when choosing fall footwear, comfort is key! With the average adult taking 5,000 to 10,000 steps every day1, choosing the right shoe can be an important part of overall long-term health and well-being. There are a ton of options out there, but trust us – your feet will thank you if you opt for any of the shoes on this list.


1 Donovan, L. (2015, July 12). Here’s how much the average American walks every day. Retrieved from



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