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Vein Clinics of America: 35 Years of Business & Treating Vein Disease

Last updated: February 27, 2018
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The story of the Vein Clinics of America began 35 years ago when a determined doctor set out to treat a personal and family affliction. The objective was to find an effective and minimally invasive treatment for vein disease. His research and extensive knowledge of injection treatments led to the founding of the Vein Clinics of America in Chicago in 1981.

What sets us apart from other facilities is our long history, convenient and widespread locations, our approach to treatment and our physician difference.

Upon the inception of the Vein Clinics of America, a team of talented and determined health care providers was amassed and they quickly became the leaders in the field of Phlebology, the medical specialty of treating vein disease. Vein Clinics of America’s leadership and commitment to excellence and innovation in venous disease treatment has led the group to become among the largest medical groups in the country dedicated to the minimally invasive treatment of vein disease.

Vein Clinics of America includes more the 50 locations in 15 states and have all contributed to the elevation of phlebology from a little-understood discipline to a medical necessity formally recognized by the American Medical Association. Our approach to treatment is carefully considered in each of our locations.

Varicose vein disease can be very complex and each patient is unique. We approach each patient and his or her case individually because we know how important it is for you to find the right physician to treat your particular condition. Our network of physicians is dedicated to making you feel at ease throughout the entire process. Your condition and health will be thoroughly evaluated, the physician will discuss in detail your situation so that you will be comfortable and aware. You will be presented with a course of action that will achieve the best results for you upon your consultation.

Our physicians have been treating everything from tiny spider veins to more complex, large rope-like varicose veins to venous leg ulcers since 1981. Their combined training, experience, and knowledge make all the difference to our patients’ experience, treatment, and recovery.

Our varicose vein doctors are all board certified phlebologists. To achieve board certification, a physician must meet continuing education requisites, complete requisite training or experience qualifications and pass certification exams.

Our patients appreciate that our patient care based is on complete disease management from initial screening to subsequent follow-ups. We are also unique among vein treatment centers for our use of mapping and ultrasound prior to and during treatment.

Our physicians and all of our staff are dedicated to making you feel at ease throughout the entire treatment process. We have our long history to show for it, our thoughtful approach to treatment and our dedicated team of staff and physicians! Are you ready to book your free vein consultation? You can easily request a complimentary one on our website or by calling us at 844-423-8346.

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