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Our Mission & Values

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Our Mission

Our team of vein specialists change lives by providing world-class vein care and a compassionate patient-centric experience. Learn more about VCA’s mission and core values, and how these values translate across our vein clinics and team of dedicated vein doctors.

Our Values

  • Patient-centric: This is the cornerstone of our mission, our vision and our values. We can only accomplish our mission of transforming the lives of our patients by placing them directly at the center of our decision-making.
  • High Performance: We apply our individual and collective energy to release the maximum potential in our organization and in each other.
  • Integrity: High integrity and sound business ethics are not just sound bites or adjuncts to good business. They are at the foundation of our business and our growth.
  • Respect: We follow the golden rule; do unto others what you would have them do unto you. We show genuine caring in our interactions with patients and with each other.
  • Teamwork: Our processes and our people are our true differentiators. We know that it takes all of us, working together, to create the superb patient experience we seek. We call it a “win” when the whole team wins.
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Diversity & Inclusion

Vein Clinics of America understands that diversity and inclusion is more than policies, programs, and a headcount. We stand against actions and behaviors that lead to inequity, injustice, and racism and believe it is important to make diversity and inclusion a priority within the fabric of our culture.

An amazing group of individuals has been appointed to lead our Diversity and Inclusion Committee. They lead initiatives and critical conversations within our organization and in the communities we serve. This commitment is helping us earn a deeper trust and more commitment from our employees as we create ways to break down barriers and associate with our patients.

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