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Exclusive Specialization in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vein Disease

Elsewhere, physicians typically receive training from colleagues during a specialty preceptorship or fellowship. They essentially add vein disease to the roster of conditions they already treat. Although competent and professional, we’ve heard terms like “dabbling” and “moonlighting”.

Vein Clinics of America physicians, on the other hand, become specialists in phlebology and are fully dedicated to the field. They see more patients, and a wider range of cases, than most vein doctors at other organizations with names similar to ours.

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Vein Clinics of America is one of the biggest networks in the country that specializes exclusively in vein health, and has the most experience of anyone in the field. Over decades, our network vein specialists have helped pioneer vein treatment and advance phlebology from a relatively new, little-understood discipline to the sophisticated and competitive field it is today.

Specialized, In-House Training

Vein Clinics of America has always trained our own physicians, because this ensures quality and maintains our high standard of providing experienced medical care. Before practicing at VCA, all new physicians undergo a supervised, extended period of specialized training.

Advanced Certifications in the Field of Venous Disorders

Vein Clinics of America doctors also comprise one of the nation’s largest networks of certified phlebologists, or physicians specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders (vein disease.) To achieve certification, a physician must complete the requisite training or attain certain experience qualifications, meet Continuing Medical Education (CME) requirements, and pass a stringent certification examination.

Most Vein Clinics of America vein physicians become members of the American College of Phlebology and/or certified by the American College of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine, the only advanced certification in the field.

ABVLM Accreditation  American Vein and Lymphatic Society

Comprehensive Vein Care

A final criteria is less tangible. Vein Clinics of America’s philosophy of patient care is based on complete vein disease management, from initial screening to treatment and subsequent follow-ups, and our physicians wholeheartedly believe in this process. But the difference goes beyond their ability to treat vein disease itself. They are dedicated to making you feel at ease throughout the entire treatment process, and back on your way to a happy, healthy life.

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