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Charlene’s Story

They feel good, they look good, and the best part is that I get compliments all the time.

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Charlene’s Story

Not only did Charlene become a believer in the transformative effects of having her vein disease dealt with at Vein Clinics of America but she was inspired by her experience with VCA to become part of the organization. Currently a practice manager for Vein Clinics of America, Charlene knows what it was like to be a patient and how to best deliver the kind of care and personalized attention every person needs when they walk through the front door of a VCA clinic.

Why Charlene came to Vein Clinics of America

Charlene noticed a difference in her legs shortly after the birth of her son. She noticed that her veins were becoming “bubbly” on the front of her leg and, at first, it was simply cosmetic. However, the longer she went without addressing her vein disease she noticed a marked difference in what her condition was doing to her everyday life. “At first they were just there, and I thought, hmm, that’s interesting, and then over time they got worse, and then eventually they began to itch, they began to hurt, they began to throb, and they limited my activities. I no longer wanted to work out, I no longer wanted to walk a lot, because my legs hurt.”

Charlene's Vein Treatment

Before coming to Vein Clinics of America Charlene consulted with a vascular surgeon who suggested vein stripping to deal with her vein issues. “And, I did not like the idea of surgical stripping for varicose veins. So then I kept thinking about what could I do? And eventually I saw a commercial for Vein Clinics of America on TV.” And, once she met with her Vein Clinics of America doctor she was was convinced. They, “explained how the treatments would work, the series of treatments I would need, how long it would take, and then we began the treatment.”

After Vein Treatment*

For Charlene, the treatment changed everything within her life. “About six to eight months after the treatment, I had new legs, they didn’t hurt, they didn’t ache, they didn’t throb, they didn’t itch. And, they just feel good, they just feel good and they look good, and I think the best is that I get compliments all the time. That people say, hey, you don’t have veins.” More than that, though, she found a calling. “So while I was a patient of Vein Clinics of America, I decided that I wanted to be a part of the organization. I wanted to be with others as they went through the experience. I wanted to be a part of the beginning. I wanted to show them that the results are there, that they’re true, that they work. I wanted to share my positive experience. By being a part of the organization, I’m there when the patient comes in, from their first consult, telling us about how their legs feel, to going through the treatment, and to their follow ups when they come back and they say ‘Oh my gosh, my legs feel good, they look good. I’m so happy I did this, I’m so happy that you told me and you kind of held my hand and made sure that I got through it and I stuck with it.’”

Charlene thinks about it some more and then says, “I’m so glad that I get to share that experience with my patients every day, and I get to see their joy and their happiness, and I get to be a part of their great experience.”

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