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Michelle’s Story

The treatment was so simple. It's far easier than you would ever imagine.

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Michelle’s Story

She first noticed her varicose veins in high school when she saw them protruding from her leg. The original area was bumpy and knotty, and started causing her pain. They started throbbing and eventually made her tired.

As a grown woman she started feeling them more and more with each pregnancy, to the point where she was worried about picking up her children because she was afraid they might hit her leg and cause her pain.

Why Michelle came to Vein Clinics of America

Michelle decided to seek treatment after training for a run. As her training had increased, she was noticing more soreness, and began to worry if she was causing more damage by exercising.

Then she found out about Vein Clinics of America through her general physician.

Michelle's Vein Treatment

Michelle says, “The staff really put my mind at ease by going over every part of the process with me. They did the laser treatment on the largest damaged vein, and that was just really neat, and really quick and easy. For the lesser vein, I was injected with the solution that kills those veins. That was very pain-free. The treatment was so simple, I wish I had done it sooner.”

After Vein Treatment*

Michelle says, “After treatment I could do all my regular activities; I was able to run within a few days. Since I had my veins treated my running is much more enjoyable. I just finished a 5-mile race in my hometown. I’m not afraid to help my kids with their acrobatics and their cheerleading.

I would tell anyone suffering from varicose veins to get them treated, to get them looked into. It’s far easier than you would ever imagine. Getting my vein treatment is one of the best things that I have ever done.”

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Before & After Varicose Vein Treatment
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