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Sharon’s Story

Now that my treatments are over I feel great and I am pain free.

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Sharon’s Story

Sharon worked at a daycare for years so she knows a thing or two about being on her feet all day.

About a decade ago Sharon had noticed that her legs were swelling and, on top of that, they ached all the time. She had the telltale signs of vein disease for years before doing anything about it. Even her daughter commented on her appearance and called the blue veins that were so pronounced on her legs “vines” as Sharon continued to suffer in silence not realizing that vein disease is hereditary even as she admits now that both her mother and father had varicose veins.

Why Sharon came to Vein Clinics of America

As time went Sharon realized that her legs, “were really starting to swell and getting a lot worse.” And, after seeing a commercial for Vein Clinics of America on TV that was offering a free consultation she, “immediately called and made an appointment.”

Sharon's Vein Treatment

After coming in for an ultrasound that’s when Sharon realized she had vein disease. Even though treatment is minimally invasive Sharon was “quite nervous” but found her Vein Clinics of America doctor was able to put her at complete ease. “I did not have to worry about anything and the procedures were nothing like I thought they might be.” Adding, “I was totally surprised at how all the staff treated me because it was just all smiles.”

After Vein Treatment*

After several months of treatment Sharon noticed that the pain in her legs had drastically reduced and the swelling was nowhere near like it used to be. Since starting treatments Sharon was able to quit the daycare and now spends all her time with her grand-kids, “watching them every day, playing with them, with very little pain.”

She concludes that before she was treated for vein disease her husband and she would go on long walks together but had to stop because of the pain. Now that her treatments are over the two of them are continuing their walks now that Sharon feels great and is pain free.

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