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Tim’s Story

I tell you, the doctors, the staff, the nurses, everybody there is just beautiful.

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Tim’s Story

Tim is a massage therapist who provides physical relief from those who endure a wide array of physical issues: from bad backs, to stress, debilitating injuries that require someone who can ease their pain, to everything in-between, Tim has seen it all. He knew it was time to see someone about his own need for pain relief after a conversation with his wife.

Why Tim came to Vein Clinics of America

It was a day that Tim remembers vividly. His legs were aching and he told his wife, “I couldn’t stand the pain. I kept rubbing the inner part of my thigh and I kept telling her, ‘This pain is really getting bad. I’ve been putting ice on it. It’s just not going away.’” That call for help prompted Tim’s wife to look into how she could help ease Tim’s pain. She saw a commercial for Vein Clinics of America and she told him right away that she was going to make an appointment.

Tim's Vein Treatment

Tim wasn’t so sure about going to see a doctor about his legs, though. At one point he said that, “well, I’ll go, but I think it’s just for women.” He couldn’t have been more mistaken. In fact, as soon as Tim and his doctor discussed his symptoms and treatment options he was all in when it came to living a better life. “I came in the office with a cane. Barely walking in the door. Second, third treatment, I didn’t need a cane at all. By the fourth or fifth treatment, I’m like, ‘Wow.’”

After Vein Treatment*

Tim says, “I’m just telling you, that’s how wonderful I feel … knowing that my legs … I’m not using the cane. You gave me my life back. It almost made me emotional because, who would have thought in a million years that you could come in and laser and take away these veins, and I mean, there’s no scarring. They do it so quick and easy. My legs, they feel great.” He ends his thoughts with a smile. “I wear shorts. That old commercial, ‘Who wears short shorts?’ We do too, all right?”

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