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Toby’s Story

Healthy looking legs gave me confidence back in my life.

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Toby’s Story

He first noticed that his vein issues during a vacation to Costa Rica. Instead of enjoying the majesty of a vacation filled with memories that would carry him through his days as a visual merchandiser he was reminded of his veins. Specifically, he was in the trees of Costa Rica, enjoying the freedom of the ziplines, and, “the guys were taking photos of us, and when I got done with the ziplining, they had given you some photos of that, and I realized how bad my legs had gotten.”

Why Toby came to Vein Clinics of America

Costa Rica was just the start of his questioning whether he needed to do something about his legs. It wouldn’t be too much longer afterward when he knew it was time to do something about it. Toby was on another jaunt, this time in Las Vegas, where it wasn’t just him who noticed he had vein issues, it was the public. As he was walking the strip, “a lot of people on the streets were staring. When we were walking by, they’d look at my legs and it’s like, there’s something wrong with this guy’s legs. And I realized that there was something wrong with it.”

Toby came home from Las Vegas an immediately looked into his treatment options. He read about vein disease and how it could be treated while stumbling upon an article about Vein Clinics of America and how their doctors could treat varicose veins. He made his appointment right then.

Toby's Vein Treatment

After coming into a Vein Clinics of America location Toby discovered that what he was dealing with wasn’t just cosmetic issue, it was a medical issue. Through a series of treatments to address his specific vein disease condition he immediately started to get the kind of relief he was needing in order to live not only a better physical life but one where he could confidently show his legs in public.

After Vein Treatment*

To hear Toby say it, his life changed dramatically once he was finished with his treatment. “I went from looking like a donkey to looking like a thoroughbred and running like a thoroughbred. I was able to go back out and do activities, like running or jogging and skiing. And wearing shorts in public and not having people look at me like I was some type of monster. My legs were healthy looking, and with the healthy looking legs, it gave me confidence in my life also.”

His work life, too, has been helped as a result of his experience with Vein Clinics of America. “As a visual merchandiser, I’m on my feet eight hours a day, five days a week, constantly walking throughout the mall where I work: climbing ladders, walking from store to store. Before that procedure, there was a lot of pain in my legs, but now after the procedure, I’m a lot happier. My legs are healthier and I’m pain free, most important.”

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