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Amanda Wiegel


Amanda Wiegel
Master’s Degree of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner Program, Texas A&M.
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About Nurse Practitioner Wiegel

Your vein disease expert.

Your legs are in good hands with Amanda Wiegel, a board-certified family nurse practitioner. She combines her medical experience with specialized knowledge of vein disease to offer patients best-in-class treatments that result in healthier legs.

Vein Specialization

Amanda has extensive knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose vein disease and related disorders. At Vein Clinics of America, she specializes in ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy.

Medical Credentials

Ms. Wiegel earned her Bachelor’s from the University of Houston and a Master’s Degree of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner Program from Texas A&M.

Prior Experience

Prior to joining Vein Clinics of America in 2017, Amanda previously served as a circulating RN for inpatients and outpatients at several cardiac catheterization labs with the responsibility for monitoring patient safety pre-, during, and post-treatment.

Professional Affiliations

Ms. Wiegel is a member of the Texas Nurses Association, Texas Nurse Practitioners, American Nurses Association and American Vein and Lymphatic Society.

I believe patient education is the cornerstone of successful vein treatment. When patients come to Vein Clinics of America I want to insure they not only understand what we are doing to help their veins, but why. Our treatments go far beyond just the surface appearance to treat the root of the problem.

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