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For over 37 years, Vein Clinics of America has focused on treating the cause of vein disease because we focus on you and your health.

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Why choose Vein Clinics of America

Proven Approach

VCA is a world-class health care organization that leads the industry with over 37 years of experience treating venous disease.

VCA physicians have treated over 400,000 patients since 1981 and performed more than 3,000,000 procedures.

Our experienced physicians use state-of-the art technology for outstanding results.

Treatment Options

Our patients not only see a difference they feel a difference because our experienced physicians take time to treat the root cause. It’s a more complete approach, because it’s the right approach.

Our minimally invasive treatments are performed in our doctor’s office getting our patients back on their feet enjoying life again with little to no down time.

VCA strives to provide a superior experience from taking time to answer every question to working with insurance providers on behalf of our patients.

Highly Trained Physicians

Our highly trained physicians go beyond the surface to treat the underlying cause of vein disease.

Our physicians are passionate about keeping up with the latest research and the most effective, minimally-invasive techniques for treating vein disease.

Insurance Coverage Options

How much will your treatment cost?

We empower our patients with knowledge. One of the most common questions we receive from our patients prior to treatment is “How much will this cost?” Fortunately, most varicose vein treatments are covered by insurance plans. Our insurance specialist will work with your insurance provider to help you understand your coverage and maximize your benefits.

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What our patients say about us...

Lisa S. (mother of 4)

“It’s nice to be able to wear what I want and feel comfortable
and confident with my body. It’s a dream come true.”

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George T.

“I went in and found it really easy and pain-free. They treat you
like you’re family. The doctor walks you through every single step.
There are no surprises.”

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Marcy H. (mother of 6)

“Right when I left the clinic, I was on the go. Before I couldn’t
be on my feet on long periods of time. Now, I can do marathon cooking
sessions and play with my girls late into the night.”

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Michelle A. (mother of 3)

“The treatment was so simple, I wish I’d done it sooner.”

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Lynne (age 63)

“The treatment was so simple, I wish I’d done it sooner.”

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