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Minimally invasive approach

See the difference sooner.

Uncomplicated Procedures

No major incisions.No hospitalization.

Minimal Routine Disruptions

Outpatient treatment sessions usually take less than an hour.Patients may experience minor discomfort and pain.Most patients are back on their feet the same day.

Flexible Treatment Options

Sclerotherapy for smaller, surface veins.Endovenous laser ablation treatment for larger, deeper veins.Or a combination of EVLA, UGFS, or VGS for customized treatment.

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Our approach to vein treatment

Minimally invasive to your body and your life.

At Vein Clinics of America, we treat the root cause of your symptoms, which means sealing off veins with unhealthy valves. Our recommended vein procedures are designed to go beyond the surface, treat the underlying cause of vein disease, and help you focus on overall health.

During your consultation, your vein specialist will review your symptoms, family and medical history, and perform a physical examination of your legs. Based on their findings, they will create a customized vein treatment plan based on the distribution of your vein disease.

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Compare vein treatment options

The specifics of spider veins or varicose veins treatment differs according to the size of the diseased veins, but our vein specialists work directly with each patient to design a customized plan to get people back on their feet sooner.

Varicose Veins
Spider Veins
Corrective; treat the root cause and relieve symptoms
Eliminating unsightly veins; may also treat root cause to help prevent future symptoms
Usually endovenous laser ablation treatment (aka EVLA), USGS or AP to close large veins with damaged valves
Usually sclerotherapy to seal off feeder veins with damaged valves
Number of vein treatments
Varies according to patient condition
Varies according to patient condition
Procedure Time
Usually about an hour
Often less than half an hour
Recovery Time
Often only a few hours with minor discomfort
Patients usually able to resume normal activities almost right away
Follow-up Appointment(s)
Generally 3 months, 6 months, and one year after final treatment
Generally six months and one year after final treatment
Covered by Insurance*
Almost always
*Each insurance plan is unique, with different vein treatment requirements, deductibles, and co-pays. VCA can help you determine your coverage parameters. Learn more about insurance and costs at

Additional vein treatment options

Our vein treatments are performed in the office. They are quick, minimally invasive, and allow patients to return to most normal activities immediately following their visit. Our providers use several types of ablative procedures wherein we use heat, chemicals, or glue to damage or seal the diseased veins. Once the veins are treated, blood diverts to healthy veins and normal flow resumes in the legs.

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Since there is no way to repair veins in the superficial system, ablative procedures are used to irritate and seal the vein, allowing blood to divert to healthy veins. All procedures are performed under ultrasound guidance to ensure safety and effectiveness; a team of highly trained clinicians and providers work together to perform a personalized treatment to treat the diseased veins.

The common vein procedures we use to treat varicose veins, spider veins, tributary, and saphenous veins include:

Thermal Ablation

Both of these procedures use heat to damage or irritate the inner lining of the vein wall, causing the vein to spasm and close off.

Adhesive Ablation

  • VenaSeal. As the name suggests, this ablative procedure uses a medical adhesive to seal the vein shut

The appointment time for either the thermal or adhesive ablation treatment is one hour each although the procedure itself is only about 15 minutes. Patients describe the sensation of pressure, some pinching and discomfort.

Chemical Ablation

Patients describe a sensation of pinching at the injection site and slight burning following injection of the medication. Appointment times vary from 45-60 minutes although the actual procedure time is approximately 10-15 minutes.

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What to expect during vein treatment

So what can you expect before, during and following vein treatment? Below you’ll find an overview of the treatment process so you feel confident going into your appointment.

What to expect before vein treatment

  • Prior to the procedure, you will be provided with a consent form to review and sign. Your provider will be available for any and all questions.
  • You will then change into disposable shorts and be led to the procedure room. There, a trained clinician will then clean your leg in preparation for the procedure.
  • Your provider will then join the team to ask if you have any questions. You are one step closer to relief!

What to expect during vein treatment

  • Before they start the procedure, the provider will walk you through each stage and let you know what to expect. They will let you know when you will feel a pinch, some pressure, and walk you through the process with as much or little detail as you like.
  • When the procedure is complete, they will clean and bandage your leg and may suggest wearing compression stocking. You will then be provided with take home instructions as well as a verbal review of the procedure.
  • You will then get dressed, check out, and resume nearly all normal activities.

What to expect immediately following treatment

  • You may feel some residual burning or itching, numbness along the vein or slight discomfort for up to 24 hours.
  • You will most likely be instructed to wear compression stockings which you can remove to take a shower, and then put it back on for the next 3-5 days.
  • You will be instructed to walk and resume most normal activities right away and can take over the counter pain or anti inflammatory medications as needed.

What to expect in the days following treatment

  • You will be asked to take brisk walks for at least 15 minutes a day, while wearing compression stockings, 2-3 times a day.
  • During this time, do not take a bath, go swimming in a pool, or any body of water, or sit in a hot tub and do not apply lotion or gel to your legs unless specifically instructed to do so.
  • Based on the size of your veins, procedure performed, and your provider’s preferences, you may return to almost all normal activities. Some activities may however be limited such as weightlifting, running long distances, and sitting for long periods of time such as prolonged air travel.

What to expect in the weeks following treatment

  • You may begin to see surface veins begin to fade, feel tightness along the course of the vein, and you may notice the large, bulging treated veins that were once blue, red, or skin color begin to harden and appear shaded. This is all normal and part of the healing process.
  • You may also notice your symptoms, such as pain, swelling, restlessness, fatigue are improving.
  • You will be encouraged to keep walking and remain active and at this time, can resume any and all activities.

What to expect in the months following treatment

  • You will feel a significant improvement in your symptoms and will begin noticing an improvement in the appearance of your legs.
  • Continue in your journey to be more active and remember to keep all of your follow up appointments and let your vein specialist know if you notice a lack of symptom improvement, new symptoms, or new visible veins.
  • Remember that vein disease is a progressive disease but with the right treatment plan and follow up appointments, you will begin to feel and look better in no time!

Complete patient care from a trained specialist.

Whether you’re seeking treatment for varicose veins, spider veins or another vein condition, the most important step is your first one: finding a qualified vein specialist. The right specialist and team will answer all of your questions, assess your vein disease and provide you with a unique and comprehensive treatment plan based on your needs. They will provide you with information on treatment options so that you can make an informed decision and will be your partner on your road to recovery.

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