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fit couple running on a pier

How to Naturally Prevent Blood Clots

There is no sugar-coating it: blood clots are serious business. Whether they are in your legs, or somewhere potentially deadly like your lungs, blood clots…

man legs floating in water

How to Manage Leg Swelling in the Heat

Summer is the season many people wait all year for. Sunshine, fun, outdoor activities, warm weather, watermelon. Doesn’t everything just feel better in the summer?…

man and woman kicking a volleyball on the beach

Why Are Veins Blue?

Veins are the literal lifeblood of your circulatory system. As we’ve discussed before, veins and vein valves work to bring the blood back up to…

man and woman with child walking in grass

6 Benefits of Walking Daily

Getting to the gym for a workout may be one of the most impossible tasks – in fact, most gyms across the country are currently…

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