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At the heart of every Vein Clinics of America location, our goal is to treat the patient within the context of their entire lifestyle, and not just the condition of their veins.

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As a potential patient wondering about where and how to seek treatment, you may have heard about a number of treatment options and other vein clinics. If you want to look and feel your best, Vein Clinics of America is the right place.

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Many healthcare providers now offer some degree of vein treatment, but not all are equally qualified. All of our network physicians meet rigorous standards of training and ongoing education in phlebology, the diagnosis and treatment of venous disease.

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It’s not just the doctors at the top of your team. Our front office experts will help you understand if your vein treatments are covered by insurance because we want your experience to be as comfortable and rewarding as possible. We all work together to make it happen.

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For more than 25 years, the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) has developed standards and methods evaluating the quality of care delivered to patients. The IAC provides accreditation programs across several practice areas dedicated to ensuring high-level care, all laddering up to its stated mission: “Improving healthcare through accreditation®”.

IAC accreditation is widely respected in the medical community. To obtain accreditation, facilities voluntarily undergo an extensive application and evaluation process to ensure practices meet or exceed the quality standards set by the IAC. The IAC Board of Directors, as well as two independent reviewers, carefully analyze all operational aspects of facilities and conduct in-depth reviews of case studies to confirm facilities’ compliance with IAC Standards and Guidelines.

All of our VCA clinics are fully accredited by the IAC, and that means no matter what clinic of Vein Clinics of America you enter, you can be assured that every clinic has demonstrated the highest levels of care when it comes to vascular testing. More importantly, every clinic has demonstrated a superior level of patient care and continued education as it relates to the testing we conduct in our clinics. So, when you see the IAC seal on every one of our clinic pages know that you’re receiving nothing short of world-class vein treatment and we’ve got the accreditation to prove it.


Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) is another medical accreditation that is very respected in the industry, and Vein Clinics of Ameria is proud to bear this accreditation. AAAHC gives us the opportunity to educate all current, and potential patients, by providing valuable information for selecting safe and cost-effective health care services.


Pursuing this accreditation complements our commitment to a patient-oriented healthcare organization with the continuous goal to provide the best care by the best physicians in the country.

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Everyone that works there from the front desk, nurse, ultrasound technician to the doctor-all so professional, knowledgeable and courteous. They make it a point to say your name and acknowledge you the moment you walk in the door.
Tiffany, Trevose

Professionalism and expertise every step of the way.

Diagnosis of both symptoms and underlying cause.

Vein Clinics of America has several diagnostic tools at our disposal that we deploy on a patient-by-patient basis. Sometimes visual inspection is enough, but because vein disease is not always visible on the skin’s surface, we may need to look deeper. Our ultrasound technology provides a detailed look at your venous system beneath the surface so that we can map it out for an accurate diagnosis.

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Treatment customized to your condition and goals.

Ultrasound is also often used during the treatments themselves, as a live view of your venous system. Your physician will likely perform sclerotherapy, EVLA or a combination of both. Each visit usually takes less than an hour.

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Follow-up for long-term health and wellness.

Treating vein disease is very seldom a one-and-done procedure. Our treatment protocols and follow-ups are designed to verify that your treatment was successful, as well as identify potential future problems before they develop. While it is highly unlikely that the targeted veins we treat will ever come back, other veins in your legs may become abnormal over time and our goal is to promote successful, long-term results.

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Understanding insurance options and cost.

Varicose vein treatment is usually covered by insurance; you should ask your nearby VCA clinic about accepting coverage from your insurance provider. You can search by zip code or state, and contact us by your choice of three convenient ways.

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